Safe Gathering Guidance

Updated: December, 2022

We continue to meet regularly and monitor conditions from several government and medical sources, particularly:


We believe that the high vaccination rate of our members and community and use of the following precautions minimize the risk of viral spread sufficiently.  Each individual and family will need to decide if they are ready to worship in person. 


Because the risk level in the Merrimack Valley is now at a LOW level, we modified our mask policy in response to this designation.  Because we have little to no ventilation and we like to sing - masks are strongly recommended at Trinity.  To promote an environment that accommodates varying comfort levels, we continue to designate the front left pews for those who prefer to remain physically distanced and in this section of the sanctuary, masks will remain required.

Here’s what we’re doing to keep one another safe:

  1. Vaccination. This is the most important way we can keep one another safe. If you are eligible for vaccination and/or booster and haven’t received it yet, we encourage you to do so.
  2. Masking. Everyone is strongly encouraged to wear a mask indoors.  In the front left section of the sanctuary, physically distanced seating is designated, and in this section, masks are required.
  3. Testing. We encourage everyone to be tested for COVID-19 if you have any symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID.
  4. Ventilation. We use air purifiers and ceiling fans to circulate the air.
  5. Communion. We invite all people of God to the Lord's table as Jesus comes to us with the gift of forgiveness. Children who have not received communion instruction will receive a blessing.   For those interested in receiving communion:  The Pastor will invite you to receive bread (gluten free) and either wine or grape juice.  Ushers will direct row by row to come forward to receive bread from the pastor and wine or grape juice from the servers on either side of the pastor.  All of the communion cups are prefilled with red wine or white grape juice.  Please sanitize your hands before receiving the bread and wine.  Servers will wear masks and sanitize before starting to serve.  Deposit your used cup in a basket on your way back to your seat. 
  6. Worship at home when sick. If you feel sick in any way, we request that you worship from home via Livestream.
  7. Physical Distance. Designated seating areas are marked in the front left of the sanctuary for those who prefer to continue physical distancing.  Masks are required in this section of the sanctuary.  The remainder of the sanctuary is available for open seating.

As conditions change, our precautions may change accordingly.   At Trinity, we care about each other - so you are always welcome to wear a mask to protect others and yourself.