What to Expect 

IRL - In real life...

Where do I park?   At the end of the entrance driveway we have a spacious parking lot.  Parking is never an issue!

What's a service like?  Our services use a Lutheran liturgical format including hymns, prayers, Bible readings, a sermon and communion.  The bulletin will guide you through the service.  Most of what is spoken by the congregation is written there for your convenience.  There are no secret words to know or multiple books to juggle.  

What's the music like?  We have a wide variety of high-quality music.  Our Music Director plays organ or we have piano/guitar/bass accompanied services. We use the hymnal for congregational singing of hymns which can be contemporary or hundreds of years old. 

How do people dress?  It runs the gamut from dressy to very casual.  Business casual is probably most typical.

What about my kids?  We encourage families worshiping together but we also provide a staffed nursery for children 5 and under.

Can I take communion?  We invite all people of God to the Lord's table as Jesus comes to us with the gift of forgiveness. The bread is gluten-free. The wine may be received by chalice, intinction (dipping the bread into the chalice) or by the pouring of the wine into the glasses taken from the trays in the front. Glasses of grape juice are also available in the trays. Children who have not received communion instruction will receive a blessing.

How can I get connected?  Be sure to sign the guest book by the main entrance with your email address.  Ask to be put on our weekly newsletter email list.  Join our Facebook page.  We have many activities for all ages and interests.  



Where do I park? Right where you are! All you need is a computer or mobile phone and you can join from anywhere via live stream.

What's a service like? Our live stream service continues to be based on the same liturgical format and calendar.  Download and follow the bulletin which includes all of the prayers, music and readings. 

What's the music like? Music is more fun when we are together, but that doesn't stop us from trying. You'll hear live and pre-recorded music from our talented music staff and various choirs of voices, bells, plus guest artists. 

How do people dress? Well, that's really up to you!  Zoom life is considerably more causal. During the virtual coffee hour we encourage people to turn their cameras on and occasionally have some fun themes, like silly hats, football favs, or other inspirations. 

What about my kids? We encourage families to worship together and also include a children's worksheet for each week. There is also a Sunday School program. 

Can I take communion? Yes, we've made special adaptations to celebrate communion at home during our live stream services. The pastor will provide instructions.

How can I get connected? If you only view the livestream, we won't know you're there. But we'd like to greet you in anyway you are comfortable. You can join the virtual coffee hour after service via Zoom, send us an e-mail, or call the office. 

We'd love to hear from you! Join us soon.