Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity is a strong, vibrant, energetic congregation of God's people.  We give God thanks for all of the blessings God has bestowed on our congregation and we ask for God's guidance as we work to strengthen our discipleship. Join us for worship this Sunday!



Worship on Sundays

  • 8:30am and 11:00am services with Holy Communion
  • Education Hour at 9:50am

Ash Wednesday Worship

  • February 26th at 7:00pm

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Be a part of our new LifeTouch Photo Directory!

We invite Trinity members to be a part of our new print directory as a way to help build community and allow members to get to know each other by face and by name.  LifeTouch offered free photo sessions at church.

Families will select the photo they would like included in the print directory and will receive a copy of the completed directory as well as a free 8 x 10 photo.

We are currently looking for an additional date for those who were not available earlier in the month.  

Sign up for a session with your family today!




Weather/Emergency Status Normal ]  Updated: Jan. 19, 2020

All services and events are scheduled as usual. When severe weather or other emergencies impact our service, you will be notified in the following ways: 

  1. Via this web site
  2. By email to everyone on the newsletter list
  3. On the church’s Facebook group for adults
  4. On TV channel 5 WCVB for major events

In all cases, please use your own judgement regarding travel. God's peace be with you always.