Our Vision for the 21st Century Church

The Building Team in conjunction with Finance and Prayer teams, have worked throughout 2019 with Context Architecture to create a master plan for Trinity Lutheran Church. This plan is intended to align with our mission, address the highest priority needs and set forth a roadmap that can be implemented over the next few years. This summary lays out the highlights. 


The design process has involved many meetings to evaluate different solutions that match needs identified in 2019 and the conclusions reached from the Welcoming team in 2018. The plan set forth below, when built would help us achieve the overarching goals of becoming: 

  • Twenty-first century church
  • Easy to navigate
  • Fit our space to our mission


Established Priorities


Of the three different design options presented by the architects and evaluated by the Trinity leadership teams, the plan previewed in December and presented here for the annual meeting represents the best balance of fit, affordability and impact. 

Proposed Site Plan and Improvements Diagram

Proposed Phases Diagram

The architects have created simulated views with their 3-D model so one can get a rough idea of how the proposed changes would look.

View from outside the proposed new main foyer

View from inside the new main foyer looking into the Sanctuary

View from the far side of the new main foyer looking back toward the entrance (right) and the Sanctuary (left)

View from entrance to the Sanctuary looking back at the new main foyer

View from the Sanctuary back toward the proposed new foyer

View from the center aisle of the Sanctuary looking back toward the proposed new main foyer and multi-purpose room

View of Luther Room with sound absorption panels on the ceiling